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Molecular formula:C10H14  CAS:95-93-2
Main materials for the production of Pyromellitic acid hydrate and 1,2,4,5-Benzenetetracarboxylic anhydride
Remark:In ventilated place. Use rubber gloves to protect skin.Stay away from fire, water and moisture.
Packaging and storage:Woven bag lined with plastic film, 25 kg / bag
Petroleum methylnaphthalene is obtained through high efficient rectification separation, it is the mixture of 1-Methylnaphthalene and 2-Methylnaphthalene.
Appearance:First-class product(Light yellow liquid ) Qualified product(Yellowish liquid)
Uses:Used in organic synthesis, pesticide, pharmaceutical, pesticide intermediates, etc., it can also be used as high ranking painting solvent.
Packing:With light oil tank cars or clean iron drum. This product belongs to hazardous article, and shall be stored and transported according to hazardous articles.
S-800 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvent Oil  S-1000 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvent Oil   S-1500 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvent Oil
Low-odor, strong solubility.
Ideal substitute for DOP and DBP.
Suitable for use in PVC products, printing ink and paint, particularly in baking paint to allow high levelness.
Colorless and transparent aromatic hydrocarbon plasticizer    Micro yellow aromatic hydrocarbon plasticizer
A high-boiling-point, high-flash-point, high-density, low-poisonous plasticizer. Ideal substitute for DOP and DBP. Imparts excellent plasticizing effect, softness, and resistance to high and low temperature.Suitable for use in plastic piping, shoe sole, rubber products, PVC films, electric wire, etc. Rate of use is generally 30-50%.
Wujiang Xueli Lubricant Co., Ltd. were founded in 1999. Our company is located in Zhenxi Development Zone, Pingwang, Wujiang, Suzhou, 100KM southwest of Shanghai and 100KM northeast of Hangzhou via main roads, highways and waterways.
We are an ISO9001 certified lubricant and aromatic solvent oil manufacturer and vendor. We produce every year 50,000 tons of aromatic solvent oils and more than 8,000 tonnes of lubricants. The majority of the products is accepted by customers in the Yangtze Delta.We have advanced manufacturing equipments in our 15,000-square-meter facility. All products are manufactured under full compliance with GB standards.
ADD:Meiyan, Wujiang, Jiangsu, China.
TEL:+86-512-63688280 , 63688859
CONTACT:Feng jiajun (Sales)
MOBILE:+86-13862188118 , 15062525999
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